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  • 14 Eylül 2013, Cumartesi 00:02

17 million life-saving information to drive!

17 million life-saving information to drive!
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President TŞOF Apaydın millions of closely ilgilediren drive, almost made life-saving traffic alerts.


Fevzi Apaydın , weather heats up, speeding up the work on highways, said:"In particular, fast cars gravel roads used. But, unfortunately, we see that 38 percent of traffic accidents due to excessive speed is."he said.

Fevzi Apaydın, said in a statement on the issue of the end of February traffic as 191,105 registered motor vehicles on highways that a total of 17 million said.

3 thousand 750 accidents in the past year citizens lost their lives Apaydın attention, as well as 1 billion 393 million 390 thousand dollars worth of property damage, financial loss in the years 2002-2012 the sum of 11 billion 195 million 390 thousand pounds reminded found.

Apaydın,"this figure, lost souls, are not included in the losses suffered by our citizens from trying to become disabled. If this is broken out into a 2 million pounds of investment in the economic casualties of 5 thousand 598 classrooms in 10 schools can be made 1 million 200 thousand 330 thousand 200 persons Dormitory 9 pounds, 30 million pounds with an area of ​​25 thousand m2 373 Hospital, five kilometers of the 2.2 million pounds double road could be done a thousand miles."he said.

"DRIVE FAILURE OF ACCIDENTS 95 percent of the"

TŞOF President Apaydın, Traffic Week starts next week, and 'Traffic Safety Symposium announced organize.

Apaydın, he continued"In Turkey, 552 fatal traffic occurring in the first 3 months of 2013 crash killed 665 citizens, 50 thousand 276 citizens were injured. More than any mortal citizens die in a traffic accident. Just yesterday, 16 people died in the accident just 4. Now, these 'Traffic Monster,' You need to stop. 95 percent of accidents result from driver negligence are giving due importance to education. For this reason, the more an accident that the provinces have initiated training seminars as TŞOF continue. Standard drives to the work of the profession of driving a truck accelerated to reduce accident rates."


3-4 fold increase in traffic density in the summer increase in accidents that is causing the Apaydın"One in a rush to get anywhere if we're going to crash 3-4 fold increase in oranımızda . heat in the melting asphalt, gravel and road construction work spilled is a fact that creates a hazard to drivers. Representatives uyarmalılar drivers by placing a checkmark. Driven by the destination must analyze the conditions of the road, attention to the state of the road as our commitment to the care of our tool must. But no matter what our drivers must comply with the rules of speed, tired to sleep, and most importantly, should not rush climbed the road."Warned.


17 million life-saving information to drive!" comments for.


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