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  • 12 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 00:13

50th Golden Orange awards announced

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Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Antalya Culture and Arts Foundation (AKSAV) organized by the 50th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Best Film Award"Kusursuzlar"and"Heaven Fired"shared.

50 International Golden Orange Film Festival, the Glass Pyramid Congress and Exhibition Center, and the closing awards ceremony ended. Night, attended by many guests from the world of cinema and television. Antalyalılar, red carpet award ceremony done through the master Yeşilçam'ın names and young talents showed interest in entering the hall. Özer, Murat Khan and his overnight presenter Libby presented various dance performances.

Antalya Mayor Mustafa Commons License opening speech of the ceremony, the festival's 50th said enthusiastically lived in competitions, teams and artists celebrated installed. # 51 Creative Commons License wish to meet at the festival,"Antalya artists embrace the love of the people, and especially all the interest and respect them very proud to hear that."she said.

Türkan Şoray president of the jury, because the directory off, apologized for the display. That the transfer of most of the 10 films they watch the first film directors Türkan Şoray, jurors expressed that they try to choose the best film,"we are all young at heart reward their friends, but this year it can obtain all of his films do for the next year will be the driving force. Assessed a two-film Ways to get open.", he said.

the best film award 'Kusursuzlar'' and"Heaven Fired"shared. Director of heaven Ferih Kovulmak'ın Knight,"and slash resistance Rojava am giving this award."she said. Both films were award three nights. 50th Golden Orange, the most award-winning movie five award-winning"Mary"was. Another film in the last 3 Blue Wave award was set aside.

won Best First Film with Zeynep Merve Kayan Dadak Blue Wave film awards received with your team. The Best Director Award 'Kusursuzlar' Ramin Matin winning film,"I can not speak now. Jury at the festival, thank you very much."she said.

Hakan Yufkacıgil, 'Best Actor Award, as a gift to my late father said,' Zeynep Çamcı Award for Best Actress,"my prize, my parents raised me to anyone until now, all the directors and Mary, Mary, ran out of prospects, such as devoting all the people counting the days."he spoke.

within the scope of the Festival International Feature Film Competition 'Best Film' award, director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit'in movie '36 'was.


Best Film Award:Heaven Fired (Ferit Karahan) and Kusursuzlar (Ramin Matin)

Special Jury Prize:Rojin Thompson (Heaven Fired)

Award for Best First Film:Blue Wave (Dadak Zeynep Merve Kayan)

Best Director Award:Ramin Matin (Kusursuzlar)

Best Director Award:Ramin Matin (Kusursuzlar)

EXPO 2016 E of the Best Screenplay Award:Zeynep Dadak, Merve Kayan (Blue Wave)

BAKA Best Music Award:Youki Yamamoto ( Mary)

Best Actress Award:Zeynep Çamcı (Mary)

the Best Actor Award:Hakan Yufkacıgil (Long Path)

BAKA Best Picture Cinematography Award:Feza Çaldıran (Mary)

Award for Best Art Direction:Selda Çiçek, Sirma Bradley (holy day)

Best Editing Award:D casings Hero (Blue Wave)

SİYAD National Film Award Jury:The Holy One Day (Serdar Temizkan)

Award for Best Supporting Actress:Gulistan Acet (heaven fired)

the Best Supporting Actor Award:Ahmet Özarslan (Long Path)

City Council Audience Award:Mary (Atalay witness whereof)

Behlül Dal Special Jury Prize:Blue Ring (Omar Leventoğlu)

Dr. Avni Tolu Special Jury Award:Mary (Atalay witness whereof)

International Best Film Award :36 (N awapol Thamrongrattanarit)

SİYAD Jury International Film Award:Curious Kitten-The Strange Little Cat (Ramon Zürcher)

Youth Jury Award:Curious Kitten-The Strange Little Cat (Ramon Zürcher)

Best Documentary Award:Dance Alone (Birnur Pilavcı) and Fecira (Piran Baydemir)

BAKA Best First Documentary Award:Mustafa Life Chain (Eastern Raider)

Documentary Special Jury Prize:No Way Time (Nezahat Gundogan)

BAKA Best Short Film Award:Watermelon Paradise (Gulistan Acet) and Path (Honor Yağız)

Short Film Special Jury Award:astern (Ayce Eagle)

People's Orange First Prize:Reflection (Marauders team

50th Golden Orange awards announced" comments for.


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