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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:59

AK Party Delegation Visits Headmen Association

AK Party Delegation Visits Headmen Association
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Chairman of AK Party Malatya tüfenkçileri ,''the most important election in the history of the Republic is 2015 parliamentary elections , \"he said .

Malatya news: AK Party Malatya Provincial Chairman tüfenkçileri ,''the history of the Republic the most important election of 2015 is a parliamentary election , \"he said .
Justice and Development Party Malatya Provincial Chairman Av. Bulent tüfenkçileri , Provincial Vice-President Murat Turgut together , Vice Yesilyurt District Chairman Ekrem Dag , Councillors Nurettin Karaaslan and President of the Association Yesilyurt Mukhtar with the party Suleiman visited Shahbaz . the President Photo Provincial tüfenkçileri of his speech , mentioning the the importance of the headman and problems ,''Mukhtar our lowest unit of local government , but the most important unit . Our citizens by being directly one on one dialogue , citizens have our headman of the person to be the first partner in the neighborhood increases their importance and responsibility . this is a unit that should not be ignored in this regard. We, as the provincial offices , deputies , mayors and frequently visiting our neighborhoods, citizens and our headman we come together with . Today, Provincial , District and Village Headmen Yesilyurt our Organization and our councilors have visited our Association . We see that there are some difficulties with our lack of our subject neighborhood headman . To follow our shortcomings as we extend our demands on our Photo neighborhood institution for removal . But at this point I want to underline some issues . As I mentioned before , our headman important to us. We have a unit that should not be ignored . However, some shortcomings here today transmitted to us in any of our forward muhtars and deficiencies can result from species can take our unit with a phone call to any of our municipality or other relevant authorities. Ignoring the headman enough one of the main problems here. I think the institutions and municipal units should be more attentive in this respect. We have problems in eliminating the shortcomings of time in an environment where business can not do our Mukhtar . We should eliminate the problems without intermediaries as the organization ,''he said . Photo 2015 President also touched upon the Provincial General Elections tüfenkçileri said,''At one point a rumor came out , the AK Party's general election with the wind of the presidential election was called may receive the 2014 autumn . But did not mention the AK Party as before. Therefore, early elections can not be done . We always have to go against our nation , are a party ready to go to the polls. Elections to fear from the latest partiyiz . But early elections in our country image and not an appropriate case in terms of stability,''he said. Photo tüfenkçileri of 2015, it will become the most important election in the history of the Republican general election ,''in our country according to the results to come out of this election positive for Turkey or 2023 and beyond will enter a long or they will be deprived of this process. Fully indexed importance of a new constitution in 2015 that we can make choices. Turkey after the 2015 elections, new constitution had to make a one-to-one compatible with the universal principles of law . Therefore, the outstanding importance of having the 2015 elections . Forty , fifty years there will be a choice that will determine our future . Target of a new constitution , a constitutional objectives with a compatible universal principles of law beyond any political debate , there must be a common goal , I think. However, as we have experienced before, the opposition rather than support on this issue have an attitude like fetter . Of course, we aim to get the majority of so important a matter to be left without leaving the opposition in the 2015 elections arbitrary behavior on our own constitution . We have started our work in it ,''he said. Photo Yesilyurt Headmen expressed his satisfaction with the visit due to Shahbaz Association President Suleiman, gave information about the purpose of the establishment of associations and activities .

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