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  • 26 Eylül 2014, Cuma 13:03

Arrival is more common in women

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Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Op

Antalya news: Principles Thompson , varicose veins most important factor in the genetic predisposition is stated , obesity, smoking, vascular inflammation , pregnancy, chronic lung disease , chronic constipation, prolonged standing and sitting require professional groups in disease progression factors , he said .
Veins of the dirty vessels that carry blood to the heart and that blood in the leg veins contain valves that prevent the return indicating that Dr. Thompson, \"This valve system formed in the failure of the blood backward to escape in the arteries in the pooling and venous enlargement of the cause . This valve failure, limb deep vein keep the deep venous insufficiency, leg superficial veins keep the superficial venous insufficiency or varicose veins is called ,\"he said .
< strong> wOMEN OFTEN SEEN
Arrival of the thin superficial reticular type of skin raised, curved , dilated large vessels to the creation of a broad spectrum appear indicating that the Principles Thompson , pregnancy, hormonal structure and relatively less muscle structure because in women compared to men 1.5 times more common , he said.
Arrival of prevalence in men and women increased with increasing age, explaining that Dr. Thompson said:
\"Formation genetic predisposition most important factor is obesity , previous vascular inflammation , pregnancy, chronic lung disease , chronic constipation and prolonged standing or sitting requiring professional groups progression of the disease is the leading risk factors. \"< br/> refers more women
Arrival of cosmetic complaints in women formed the majority of the outpatient department of women stating that Dr. Thompson, continued as follows:\"The Arrival at the same time a person's daily work and social life will affect the size of serious complaints may cause . These complaints seen by frequency leg pain , swelling, night cramps, itching and all these complaints to the whole'Restless Legs Syndrome'is called. Complaints violence is also heir to the amount and size and disproportionate and especially pregnancy, menstrual periods, standing long-term arrest and summer increases. \"
HOT SAND AND SPAS should be avoided
for diagnosis primarily based on the severity of the patient's complaints will come to control cardiovascular surgery outpatient clinic stating that Dr. Thompson, the medical examination after the desired Doppler ultrasound therapy shaping enables said .
Arrival discomfort of the patient the pounds to get rid of , smoking cessation , chronic constipation, which causes eating habits and caffeine-containing foods to stay away from tight clothes and high heels to wear , contact your legs warm ( hot springs , hot sand) that says we should keep Dr. Thompson, \"The patient's also the calf muscles to strengthen for walking, swimming and cycling sports such as making and standing long-term stop requiring occupational groups during the day occasionally feet extended rest of grievances is important to decrease ,\"he said .
Arrival in the method of choice in the treatment of the patient's characteristics , patient complaints , the current heir determining the type and doppler ultrasonography is the sharing of findings and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Op Principles Thompson said:
''This treatment modalities, superficial laser, thermocoagulation, foam sclerotherapy, laparoscopic surgery ( laser ablation , radiofrequency ablation ) and open surgery may be considered. Recommendations for patients to comply with the specified daily life , which began regular use of drug therapy and compression stockings increase the success of medical treatment .'

Arrival is more common in women" comments for.


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