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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:56

AST visiting from Union Foundation

AST visiting from Union Foundation
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Adana Branch President of the Pharmaceutical Association Foundation .

Adana news: Mustafa Caliskan and board members Murtaza Fishbone , Yasin located in Naci Aslan consultation with Light and Adana Commodity Exchange to work together on projects to be produced (ATB ) President visited Hardworking Muammar . Photo ATB General Secretary Mustafa Quick's on hand providing information about the Foundation's work visit Adana Branch Pharm. Mustafa Caliskan , established in 1985 in Istanbul , he said the foundation's 18 branches were opened in Adana . Pharmacy Branch President . Hardworking, \"Ministers a foundation that social weight of the employees in the public interest by the Council . Adanamızl related to both education will contribute to generating projects , both in culture. In the meantime, our country , our city's superior , is in the economy, the economy, the direction has given personalities , the well-known names , and the information visit our having Adana Commodity Exchange of Adanamız dynamic to take advantage of good manners we want to work together in the executive sense with the projects we produce for the benefit of the city. Another aim of the Foundation is also in unity and order in the country is striving for the development of the country. \"Photo \" fOR Adana sOLID wITH aLL PROJECTS aRE PRESENT \"Photo Adana which benefit all kinds of culture , indicating serve will support the island Hardworking Commodity Exchange President Muammar , \"the down to earth feet concerning Adana we have in all our projects . in Adana the other room , the governor, with the municipalities , we have been organized with the cooperation of industry and political authority. You are familiar with the work we accomplished business owners, you işadamlarıs . With you our city , our country for the benefit of our people education, the work to be done to enhance the culture , we gladly take place within the project will be produced . Sincerely congratulate all members of your person, I wish you success , \"he said .

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