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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:00

Attack of Foreign Trade Çorumlu Businessmen

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Corum's trade potential and local firms determine international market in the support of enhancing the competitiveness of the Strategic Plan itself the objective of the Chamber of Commerce , Development of International Competitiveness ( UR-GA) Project was launched .

Çorum news: Photo Project scope of food processing machinery in Çorum sector to increase its share in existing foreign markets and potential targets Corum to improve the international competitiveness by creating the necessary infrastructure for export to the countries of Commerce and Industry Chamber was organized by the overseas marketing trip to France . < br/> Çorumlu created by Grace Tech firms performed with cluster on the first day of the trip by visiting the brand in Paris France embassy in Turkey , where he held meetings with trade attachés cluster . Grain Tech Cluster , the second day of the program , held in the French city of Reims JTIC 65 years was introduced at the International Milling Fair. At the fair with the participation of leading manufacturers in the world the strength of Corum's food processing machinery , told the industry representatives .
Sector made ​​although for the first time to participate in the fair which also organized the conference will shape the future of effective promotional activities as a result of Grain Tech Cluster firms best international exhibitors at the fair was awarded the prize. Corum and Turkey is proud of this award , the attention of other industry representatives attending the fair were able to pull Çorum. Fair also press at various intervals meetings organized Grain Tech Cluster through the European press of the company is provided a presentation to the whole continent of Europe . Corum responsible for the Photo UR \u0026 D Project, Trade and Industry Chamber Board Member Halil Erkan, India , followed by France'he said that the purpose of reaching or organized trips abroad. Photo Erkan, machinists as food processing , manufacturing capability in this sense Corum said they are aiming to announce to the whole world . UR \u0026 D Project, training , advising and explaining their international marketing activities will continue in 2015. Erkan, 2015 abroad program with great potential in the USA, Canada and Latin American countries announced that they identified as a goal . Photo ÇORUMLU COMPANIES , ONE ANOTHER AND NOT iNTERNATIONAL COMPETITORS wITH cOMPETITION GOING Photo Corum TSO President Çetin Başaranhıncal , to increase competitiveness in the international market of Çorum , so the foreign trade UR-D Project implemented to strengthen the potential's announced that it continued to be successfully implemented. Photo Çorumlu food processing machinery Başaranhıncal indicating that the sector in firms showed a great interest in the project , \"Our Companies rather than compete with each other thanks to the project , collaborated compete with international rivals. UR-D Project is provided through the this will be achieved moderate and significant gains in the long run the forces . Grain Tech cluster, the most important achievement gained in the short term , participated in is awarded the Best International Exhibitor award at the fair , \"he said . Photo Corum our province's most important production centers on major issues Başaranhıncal pointed out that one of them, \"machinery industry and sub-industries, in sectors such as earth industry in our province , one of the major production centers . Currently a'stack'our case the sector , with clustering project and UR-D Projects'stack'being'cluster'is moving towards being . Such forces which are made ​​or to be made in our industry , and our company will make our city more competitive in the international market as well , \"he said .

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