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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:41

Avalanche Warning on Mount Erciyes

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Located in Kayseri Erciyes Mountain climbers , avalanche warned .

Kayseri news:
the first snow of the season on September 10 On September 19, the second of the oil to the Erciyes Mountain snow. After the snow, climbing Mount Erciyes, the morning of September 21 last Kılıçarslan Mustafa , Call Lightning mustache and Emotions reached their first Rocky breakfast . Devil Creek and the left lane following the route climbers, due to soft snow has difficulty finding the exit . Climbers challenging climb , then in the afternoon at 14.00 reached its peak .
Hard climbing performs Mustafa Kılıçarslan , \"Left Lane and Devil Creek completely snow-covered . Descent Satan Creek from the shedding went down . Valley at the base of at least half a meter of snow had . abdominal over 3 centimeters thick, hardened and shells tied . these hard layer on the season's third and most intense wife 28-29 September 2014 day rained . two days Kayseri rain, Erciyes snow. Meteorological officials this precipitation Kayseri city center square 23.5 kilograms rainfall announced. you Kayseri 23 kilograms of precipitation is fallen Erciyes much more snow must have . Previous stiff layer of snow on the square 23 kilograms more than the snow was . at least 12 hours effectively and continuously falling Devil's Creek and more snow has accumulated in the left lane . many years for the first time since the beginning of October there is a danger of avalanches in Erciyes . then climb climbers will recommend my friends to take account of the danger of avalanches , \"he said .

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