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  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:29

Aydınspor economic crisis erupted in 1923

Aydınspor economic crisis erupted in 1923
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Sports Toto 2 League White Group is the team Aydınspor economic crisis erupted in 1923 .

Aydın news: Sports Toto 2 League White Group is the team Aydınspor economic crisis erupted in 1923 . Footballers to take a common decision for a long time they start taking the decision to go on indefinite boycott training exercise on the grounds that they are paid to do. Photo management since the beginning of the season , his players are struggling Aydınspor crisis erupted in 1923, this time in the economic crisis. Last week, payment is expected to be done a week 25 football players coming together this morning on the non-fulfillment of the promise given to them decided to leave the training until they are paid to do . Al Mehmet behalf of 25 players after the meeting and they did Mustafa Sener press release. Photo' DELE KNIFE BONE NOW Photo Season at the beginning of Al Mehmet the captain stating they can not get money as all players since , \"There is an ongoing process for weeks. When we talk to management they said to do the last week of payment. did not even pay a penny despite the lapse of one week after the date they are given. weeks are struggling like all my teammates lions although we take the money. for the past 6 weeks undefeated way to go on our way We are . We're playing our game by exhibiting examples of very great sacrifices . But now the blade pierced the bone. We found that as soon as payment and all Aydınlı as players urged to take ownership of this team . Because when given support to this team team would be champion in the league. We provide quality and character of the players from board have a good team. we want to support people from all sections to this team, \"he said.
< strong> receivable FOOTBALL 1 MILLION £'< strong> ABOVE most of the players in the Photo team Noting that provide for the home team captain Mustafa Sener , \"the beginning of the season I joined the team , including a lot of my friends have gotten very small amounts so far. Many of us our home is deceiving . In this case we had to announce to one of our voices . So we take such a decision. We launched a boycott as a team exercise . This boycott will continue until such time as we receive payments. We're going to Ümraniyespor match and we will fight in the best way . Nobody should doubt that , \"he said .
Down payment on the team's 25 players , match heads and learned that the players of premium receivables total receivables was learned that over 1 Million TL .

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