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  • 11 Ekim 2013, Cuma 11:15

BMW i3 model, the market was nicknamed"four-wheel iPhone"

BMW i3 model, the market was nicknamed
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Produced by the famous automobile company BMW"i3"moniker in the market model is known as the four-wheeled iPhone.

models, which vary according to customary BMW i3

a car, electrically powered. Experts, however, with high ceilings and fine motor car is still debating whether it is a genuine BMW.

exhibits a different image than the regular BMW models i3'ün 1.2 tons of weight. I3'ün battery of electric cars is described as a light 240 pounds.

Renault Zoe, the Nissan Leaf, Peugeot Ion, the Opel Ampera and the Tesla Model S, compared with the use of electronic BMW steering and improved riding comfort. Maximum 170 PS for the i3"Project i"chief Ulrich Kranz,"Promoting benefited from the experience of KERS in Formula 1."he says.

speed of 150 kilometers per hour when one of the features of BMW i3'ün even take the quiet road. 0 km/h; 60 in 3.7 seconds, 7.2 seconds while top speed reaches 100 kilometers. Another feature of the electronic power hissettirmemesi speed of 50 kilometers.

the test drives 100 kilometers, 14-15 kW/h spends observed, according to calculations from 130 to 160 miles on a charge gidileceğini BMW experts say.

BMW's electronic products are not cheap in the market value of

i3'ün 34 thousand 950 euros.

I3 normal this price BMW 1 or the same level as the 3 series. BMW i3 model, air conditioning, leather steering wheel, rear parking aid sensor, keep a radio and navigation system. To fill 80 percent of battery at a normal time of about 8 hours is required.

BMW i3 model, the market was nicknamed"four-wheel iPhone"" comments for.


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