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  • 03 Şubat 2014, Pazartesi 11:44

Business And Internet Addiction Increasing Mobile Devices

Business And Internet Addiction Increasing Mobile Devices
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Increasing day by day and mobile devices, using the internet continues to change the business processes.

İstanbul news:  Increasing day by day and mobile devices, using the internet continues to change the business processes. Research work that most people go on vacation what even committed relationships breakout, that developments from mobile devices that followed show.
Randstad Turkey's which include global business trends in the research world, half of the employees of the resort also committed relationships breakout that, developments in the heat of the mobile device that has followed. Randstad, the survey conducted in the early days of the year to employees on vacation from work were asked how far they can stay. World of employees, 47 percent go on holiday they work is happening because of mobile phones and tablet computers and be notified, he said.
Actual survey of employees in almost 30 percent of the employer's vacation in the process they access it is expected that, as a volunteer from a mobile device developments Watch said. Especially 24 years and six young employees 37 percent of the 24/7 from their employer they access the feeling of the holidays with work-related developments that followed when specifying the same age range of employees, 55 percent of the days of mobile phones or tablet computers to all of the inform Track emerged. Turkey also were involved in the middle age range of those employees, 71 percent during the holidays can easily handle cut ties stated, on them access print feel, he said.
for business mobile Internet and smart devices list of requirements in recent years in the first place stating that the Randstad Turkey General Manager Anderson Collar, employer-employee mobility of people working in the form and intra-company communication to the important changes brought said. With this change ways of doing business the mobility to keep up with companies all the benefits stating Collar,"Research of mobile internet and smart device use the previous year by almost 40 percent up to the increased pointing. Daily life and business life which intertwines, combining mobility concept especially of young workers is indispensable. developments in the company independently of time and space, even while on vacation over the subsequent new generation of smart devices as it loads a business, not a routinely assesses"he explained.

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