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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 10:28

Children going to nursery"Cold"Alert

Children going to nursery
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Children's Health and Disease Specialist Dr..

Adana news: Children's Health and Disease Specialist Dr.. Selda Öztürk, children 6-10 years is likely to suffer from colds, daycare and school children due to the survival of the virus in indoor spaces more ill, he said.
Ozturk, in his statement, the most common disease of the winter is cold, especially negative impact on children's health and education, he said. Weather starts to cool down in these days, school absenteeism excuse at the beginning of the common cold began to arrive in voicing Ozturk,"children's protection from this disease in the spread of the virus conditions are very important. Sneezing instant media spread the virus for hours remain alive can,"he said.
Autumn-winter season, often seen which is a disease of the common cold runny nose, fatigue, and throat itching begins with attention, Öztürk said:
"contagious because it is rapidly spreading this disease in adults, years 2-4, children are 6-10 times seen . Children often the main reasons, nursery and school as well as in public places frequently be present. because the public places of the virus in the indoor environment survive and quickly someone can pass. Colds causing over 200 virus's. Certain viruses of the year is cold and dry during periods of easier are breeding. Therefore, in adults, loss of labor, the children are in school absenteeism wreak. Even children missed school the biggest reason, is the common cold."
of common cold, the weather starts to cool down with the increase emphasizing the Ozturk, the disease generally light is progressive and self-heal mentions that. Ozturk,"Upper respiratory tract infections, most are viral infections, and among these the most common is the common cold. Younger children, upper respiratory tract infection causing viruses are highly sensitive to. Both complete immunity gained lack both schools and kindergartens plenty virus-emitting children frequent contact with be in both hygiene rules compliance full Undeveloped this disease often encounter is causing,"he said.
of common cold, the foremost factor 'of rhinovirus create underlines Öztürk said:
"Rhinovirus infections are most common in infants and children is seen with advancing age, this ratio is falling. Usually the first symptoms sore throat, itching, and pain sensation is manifested in. these symptoms, nasal congestion and runny nose are watching. Cough per cent of cases in 30 to 40's. patient's fever normal or can be slightly higher. disease more severe than the first 2-3 days and about a week watching all the signs are disappearing."
DR. Ozturk, then the milk of the common cold in children 21 to 31 percent; small airways (bronchioles) which is an inflammation of bronchiolitis, sinusitis, in otitismedi (otitis media), pneumonia can be seen adds. Treatment of colds for eliminating the patient's complaint that emphasizes Dr. Ozturk,"Fire of the child according to age and under medical supervision, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs,"he said.
Ozturk, babies unnecessary antibiotics should not be given, said:"Milk children comfortable fed and able to sleep nose to be open is very important. Dolls in the nasal congestion to resolve isotonic saline drops the baby's nose to drop the nose and in the intensive secretions withdrawal (to aspirate the) would have been helpful. baby's room cool the steam engine to put in the baby's nose, more relaxed breathing helps. However, this machine during the day to do cleaning and drying needs . colds caused by viruses because antibiotics used to treat unknown"gave the information.
Ozturk, transmission of the virus to reduce the recommendations were listed as follows:
"tissue paper use. cold virus the patient's nasal secretions abound at. Sneezing and coughing during the patient's virus into the air spreading hours living organism. This prevents to be the healthiest method of disposable paper handkerchiefs to choose. hands often wash. Ellen mouth to close the spread of viruses An effective because it does not hand Viruses that infect still other people are threatened. This percent of the patients eyes, nose, mouth and face to avoid touching your hands, carefully and regularly washing is required. Environment fan. Additionally environment often be ventilated in the environment of viruses causes death. dirty places and the hand contact Reduce. door handles and bus holders as public goods tissue Keeping with this handkerchief is of great importance to be scrapped immediately.'s not in the same environment with the patient. sharing the same environment of an infected patient. virus through the air during sneezing can spread easily to someone else."

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