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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:31

Deputy Tamera's Red Crescent Week Message

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Kayseri Deputy of the AK Party TMA Ismail , has released a message to mark the week with the Red Crescent .

Kayseri Deputy of the AK Party TMA Ismail , has released a message to mark the week with the Red Crescent . Photo Tamer, in the message , helpfulness and oppressed against our nation known for its compassion expressed that the most eminent one Red Crescent organization of the fruits of these characters has included the following statements:Photo \"Since its inception nearly 150 years, religious, linguistic and racial discrimination without war , natural disasters and the like to come to the aid of people who are difficult due to problems such as poverty, a heavy task to organize humanitarian aid has performed successfully with our operations. Photo Red Crescent humanitarian aid to the content of the AK Party operation rather has become a diverse and aids shelter, medical supplies, food supplies , hospital setup has moved beyond the emergency aid such as therapy and wounded refer the patient . to give an example , the Gaza humanitarian aid operations, stationery, school supplies , garbage collection services and garbage truck supply, rehabilitation of the drinking water system and 5069 acres of land the rehabilitation and planted to , the Somalia humanitarian relief operations in different comprise the urban transformation projects and education services.
3 years ago, we live in Van earthquake as the front-runner Red Crescent organization to heal the wounds of our people in the disaster, the Syrian crisis is therefore difficult situation remaining Syrian immigrant to due to our country in Iraq and the terrorist environment within our borders to 1.6 million people took refuge in Turkey demonstrate helpfulness and hospitality . Also given to them in recent years, financial and political support of Gaza , Mosul, Bangladesh , Somalia , the Philippines, Afghanistan , West Africa and the world in many other areas will be an example to the international community has organized humanitarian operations. This difficult task of Photo Red Crescent week on the occasion of exercising all Red Crescent staff, I congratulate the volunteers and donors to offer my thanks and our country's Red Crescent weeks here . \"Photo

Deputy Tamera's Red Crescent Week Message" comments for.


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