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  • 02 Haziran 2014, Pazartesi 10:51

Forgotten Tastes come to life in Alacati

Forgotten Tastes come to life in Alacati
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Alacati Turkey's tourist center , with the brand becoming culinary culture .

İzmir news: Alacati Turkey's tourist center , with the brand becoming culinary culture . Herb Festival, one of the creators born and raised in Alaçatı Ruşen first man , in the 1800s, came to the area first emigrants from the grandmother Kamila Çağman learned from ribits A , potoplik A , tikvanik like the lost flavors, \"Neno's Kitchen\"named in the book will bring .
childhood, his grandmother Kamila Çağman migrating from Montenegro last Ruşen first man in the kitchen , wood-fired taste of the meat off , he did not forget the smell of bread in a stone oven . However, this also failed to reach the flavors until today . Ruşen first man , lost the flavor this time to introduce a new generation entered their kitchen . Also satisfied with the recipe from her grandmother's chest photo , wandering from village to loved ones . In Turkish, \"nine \", which means'Neno's starved the flavors again at the end the bubble began.
Alacati's native Bosnians , Albanians, Greece migrating henna and Karacaovalı that tells the first man , \"Sofra fabulous flavors consist of , but this taste nowadays , nobody knows. herein will not find these delicacies in restaurants because they do not know. My purpose is to perpetuate these flavors , \"he said . Unique tastes of the family came territories visitors Ruşen first man , \"this tastes wonder in Bosnia or Montenegro same in , or differences if there seven cities we visited . Dishes , desserts were investigated. There this flavor of an industry has become . Tourists this meals there for going. Here I am , I would imagine , tourists our present taste for our Alacati come to want to get . Meat and grass-weighted menu discover our fine . example milk made ​​Long named are pickled . too famous , but in Alacati, you will not find . yet this Alacati's indigenous population flavor. Here they are again we give we want, \"he said.
Bosniaks'famous'Ribitsa the (logical ) , egg roll, \"Yağits A'slider candlelit pumpkins into the only salt and pepper, put the pie'Tiktavik the Yufkalı chicken dinner Potoplika flavor enthusiasts presented to stating that Ruşen first man , Fountain Municipality also support the book completed shortly after , said:\"Neno's kitchen more than 100 pastry , desserts and recipes come together. I only wish that the flavor should also be provided at the restaurants in Alacati , \"he said .
History traces of recipes reputation in the world to the other end is gone. the New Zealand restaurants on a proposal from there also Alacati's forgotten delicacies prepared Ruşen first man , \"Alacati flavors there is also great interest. For 6 months at the restaurant , the forgotten flavors have prepared and incredible interest , \"he said .
Book hazırlığındayk at the same time grandmother Kamila Çağman's old house , Alacati specific term by restoring'Magz name of \"the boutique into a hotel , who also Ruşen first man ,\"our guests for dinner Ribits or Kumpirnak present we are amazed . But our kitchen trying now just sun and sand holiday but not for the forgotten the flavors to admire coming for , \"he said .
these special treats consisting of forgotten flavors, those wishing to explore Alacati Magz hotels found in can , can taste , even describe it even can learn . One needs to be done to make a reservation a day before . Boutique hotel Magz telephone number 02327166485 or at my is ulaşabilabiliy .

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