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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:18

Guards , the soil of the Yezidis Alleged Extortion Meat

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Mardin Nusaybin Çilesiz Yezidi families residing in the village of the town , was alleged extortion by guards in the territory of the district .

Mardin news: Photo Nusaybin Yezidis of residing in the township Çilesiz village of Mardin Cadastral Court 2013/114 E numbered file with that Çilesiz-Söğütlü located in the village limits of 4 and found the case to determine the number 6 parcel ownership of real estate , he said. Yezidi citizens, \"Mardin at the 11:00 AM on November 3, 2014 Cadastral Court were made to the village to be made discoveries. Söğütlü village during reconnaissance Seyer hamlet residents (as well as village guards ) had arrived discovery. Seyer hamlet residents during reconnaissance we are constantly threatened and insulted by ,'We will not leave you in this land , we will kill you, end you will like those Sengal'have the form of threats and insults . November 4, 2014 date in the morning hours Seyer village residents 6 tractors and wield the weapons with the provisions and our savings 4 and No. 6 real estate they tried to take the field . gendarmes upon our notice to Nusaybin Gendarmerie Command , Söğütlü village intervened to Seyer hamlet of the residents of the village guards and the village was out. 4 November village guards who also Seyer hamlet residents in 2014 we are threatened with death in the same way and insulted . Söğütlü village Seyer hamlet residents of the state of the land given to them by the village guard us also by using the powers of the Yezidi people want to get their hands in an unfair manner . Stopping us from death threats and insults . We have no complaint against the Public Prosecutor's Office and Nusaybin about these people, we complained to the governor's office as well as Nusaybin . For more than hundred years our ancestors , our grandfathers and our fathers our village guards weapons remaining land given to them by using the state are trying to take our land against us. Continually come to us with death threats. Seyer village residents in 1999 and 2011 threatened in the same way and we have usurped our land in the village . We also give notice to the prosecutor's office and civil authority. Now the villagers and village guards our land which they threatened to kill us both want to get our best . November 3, 2014 Date of Cadastral Court Seyer discovery made ​​by the village guards we were also the last to be Sengal Yezidis as you like . We want all those who have knowledge of the public , \"he said .

Guards , the soil of the Yezidis Alleged Extortion Meat" comments for.


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