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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:40

Heroes:\"The book is Humanize Human \"

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Turkey Language and Literature Association Hero Army Branch President Nuri , the way to protect children from books that late vices , said:\"It is possible to read the humanized truly human ,\"he said .

Ordu news:
Turkey Language and Literature Association of the Army Branch President Nuri Hero, made ​​a statement in the framework of Children's Book Week activities , said that in the book of youth and our future salvation .
hero in his statement , gave the following opinion:\"Reading for a human one must . have a look at the first order of our religion is its expression . Thus man is possible to read the humanized in the true sense . Reading the count is also considered the first thing the book. this is the day that many bad habits , aimlessness and looseness of the drug is in the book. the young our internet, telephone , drugs , etc. vices and useless , and even book is nothing to prevent the harmful addiction. \"
Hero , stating that starts from the family of the reading habit , \"begins in the family book reading habits. at this point, parents are also responsible as educational institutions. Read the parents to their children for example, both with their children , and society , as well as would have made a good job for most countries. Educational institutions as a guiding course is important , but at this point and undeniable example of family traditions is of importance. Our young and future tasks on behalf of all of us fall . On behalf of the good of all of us , it does not neglect the issue of reading is a duty . At this point everyone and wish them success for not fulfilling its responsibility , \"he said .

Heroes:\"The book is Humanize Human \"" comments for.


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