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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:23

In uaua \"Tourism and Hospitality Career Seminar on \"Continues

In uaua \
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Antalya International University (UAM ) Tourism , Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Department, \"Tourism and Hospitality Career Seminar on \"continue .

Antalya news: Photo of the period until the end of the sixth seminar was held at the UAA campus. Tourism School students as well as all students who are interested in the seminar , which is open to guests of the Hotel Board Member of Delphi was Cömertoğlu Alper . Explaining that Cömertoğlu Alper was born and raised in Ankara , he assay with investors eye tourism sector. Motorcycle in the Turkish tourism 1980s , camping and caravan tourism left behind stated that Cömertoğlu , tourism activities , said they started in their family in 1982 . They did the first hotel Photo 1988 today Alper Cömertoğlu stating they had to six the number of hotels in the Mediterranean region , he career ranking assistant manager , manager , made as general manager and board member . Young tourist nominated for important tips that Cömertoğlu , \"Delphi Hotels Our most significant features as the Group our staff is our own breeding . No department of our director is not coming from the outside. From the outside come in the future with their own style and will overlap from time to time with our style. We take both more reliable results with our these applications , as well as employee developing a sense of belonging . because the tourism industry is very tiring , we prefer to do the director at a young age . 30-35 age range is ideal, because the season is going they work 12 hours. My advice is that you pay attention to analytical thinking. Vision is the owner. data and information every time you collect properly you provide the development , \"he said . Cömertoğlu also provide information about the expectations of Photo Business , students found the following advice:Photo \"Business analyze it well what awaits you. your business it does not say clearly , we need you to discover you. do yourself'This what the company expects of me? what is the yardstick of success here? \"when you ask questions , you are also behind the success of the future.\"at the end of the interview with Photo Students pose questions Dr. Printer year , Delphi Hotel Board Member from participation in thanking Cömertoğlu Alper , a plaque was presented to him.

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