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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:37

Industrialist-University Collaboration

Industrialist-University Collaboration
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Adana Science and Technology University ( BTU ) between Oyak Adana Cement Industry Inc. \"Industry-University Cooperation \"was signed.

Adana news: Photo of university students without yet graduated industry recognition and the Islands project aimed to renew themselves by working with BT protocol has been signed between Oyak Adana Cement Industry Corporation . The cooperation yet the industry with universities in countries yet to complete their development, such as Photo Turkey really important that move the emphasis Islands Oyak Cement Industry Corporation General Manager Kemal Doğansel world, offered a variety of statistics relating to production volume . Generating ideas that only 1 percent of the world population , Doğansel pointed out that designing group , which produces 9 percent of the population , while 90 percent of the population at the production workshop stressed that members of the working groups . Doğansel describing the idea that a 1 per cent were producing with 77 percent of the income distribution, 20 percent of this income producing sector , while 90 per cent of the working population has a share of 10 percent , he said .
\" SUPPORT FOR uNIVERSITY of Industrialists MAKING NEEDS \"Photo Apple boss Steve Jobs shows fikriyatına example is based on the products and initiatives Kemal Doğansel , \"what we desire , producing more of the people who grow our university , which designs, grow as people generating ideas . we know as industrialists of the country's facilities are very scarce , we have difficulty allocate resources , savings are a country of the poor , and we feel the need to outsource. But the facilities at hand however, the industrialists like we are supposed to support the university . as a result the protocol as a result we signed we have no claim too big today , initially I thought we created a lot of great things , country potential, but certain portfolio human , like a Nasreddin Hodja , or raises ? I wish tuts or yogurt though all Aksehir Lake , \"he said .
\" PROTOCOL Scope of MORE PAPER OVER WILL REMAIN \"The Photo Adana IT Rector Adem Ersoy IT nude by expressing that the dynamism of the difference from other universities Adem Ersoy , the lecturer at the university is provided from two aspects , abroad a part of their specialization , while the other part , he said consists of industry. Ersoy , the projects in the protocol continues , said:Photo \"This is the continuation of the protocol coverage will remain on paper. We're going to close a lot of cement in the process as we Island 2-3 weeks and there seminars, workshops we organize and brainstorm there . If Adana Cement's problems , or identify the root of these problems will be resolved , we will create a project or remedial projects. Details will be formed , the commission will be established . At the same time , our education and internship students is very important. There are a European institution in Adana. Training is done in all engineering disciplines . Hopefully we will do a great work. \"Photo UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD-INDUSTRY COOPERATION THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION with START Photo Adem Ersoy , in the world that starts with the university-industry cooperation in the industrial revolution but stressed that remain in the slogan in Turkey. England'also worked as project budgets Ersoy , indicating that more than most of the university's budget in Turkey, underlining that have great responsibility to the university . voicing can not fulfill the mission of the University Ersoy , \"separate everything as a separate republic , cut off from the city, which returns the direction of the only campus , usually our university this in the figure. So there's a chance the last 15-20 years , hopefully gain momentum with the development of this attack , \"he said . Cement to 5.2 million tonnes Photo Oyak Island Inc. 350 thousand tons of gray cement and white cement production is a major company with said Adem Ersoy , Adana Cement , not only with the production capacity , as well as quality, environment, occupational health and safety, have created an integrated management system to international energy management system. not available in all these institutions , \"he said .


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