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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 23:09

Izmir'Being Mediterranean Identity'to stand out

Izmir'Being Mediterranean Identity'to stand out
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Mediterranean Cities Union ( MEDCITIES ) board members elected the first Turkish city of Izmir, he also hosted the General Assembly meeting of the union.

İzmir news: Meeting home of the Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu \"Izmir , Mediterranean from other cultural centers within Barcelona, ​​Marseilles , Venice, Rome, Athens, Alexandria , and common culture and art projects with cities such as Beirut , we want to take steps towards the establishment ,\"he said . < br/> attaches great importance to cooperation with Mediterranean city and Izmir continues to work with the goal to make one of the Mediterranean's leading city of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, held earlier in the day \"Mediterranean city in the urban Mobility \"seminar after this time the Mediterranean Cities Association ( MEDCITIES ) General Assembly'una was hosted . Hilton General Assembly held at the hotel in Spain, France, Albania, Croatia , Tunisia, including Lebanon and Morocco from 7 member countries 49 General Assembly members , 14 Lebanese Al with mayors from the Mediterranean city Fahy City District Governor Hamza joined Nohra . Izmir promotional film \"My Izmir\"that performs the following opening speech of the meeting of the screening of the film Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu , Aegean throughout history , Izmir , one of the cultural capitals of the Mediterranean and Anatolian civilizations , primarily \"with Being Mediterranean identity\"forward work towards the goal of removing their said. Mediterranean way of life that underlines the President Aziz Kocaoglu, 5 years ago , in 2009 they carried out in October, \"İzmir Culture Workshop\"emphasis on the \"This We set a new vision for our city in the workshop . The most important elements of this vision, Izmir, innovation and be brought into the design of the city and the Mediterranean was the target . the most important one of the steps we took in this vision'of the Mediterranean culture, art, design city of Izmir is a structure that will enable the realization of the'goal was to create the Izmir Mediterranean Academy. Academy at the end of this month our city'International Mediterranean History, Culture and Politics Symposium'we are organizing . discussion of the Mediterranean's future and'Being Mediterranean'will be a very important meeting in terms of emphasis. at this meeting, the role of Izmir's new Mediterranean and the route will be drawn , \"he said .
Mediterranean indicates, primarily culture , Mayor Kocaoglu attention that they perceive art and history continued as follows:Photo \"Therefore , other metropoles in the Mediterranean'cultural exchange and creative partnership opportunities'on trying to condense. Izmir , Mediterranean, other cultural centers within Barcelona, ​​Marseilles , Venice, Rome, Athens, Alexandria and establish cooperation with cities such as Beirut, towards developing a common culture and art projects with them, we hope that international initiatives . I hope that this meeting we would be honored to make a home in the world's most beautiful regions , further tightens the bonds of friendship between the Mediterranean's most beautiful and friendly city , which consists of all the people. And it works , Izmir'evolving culture axis'Mediterranean in an international'Culture, Art and Design, Metropolis'becomes an important step towards positioning . \"Photo medcities President Mohamed İdaom , talks to medcities General Assembly of culture and friendship city ​​due to the due and hosted from done in İzmir Metropolitan began by thanking the Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu . after the General Assembly held in Barcelona is İdaom stating that they give a legal identity to the union members said they work to improve the cooperation between the cities. these cities the friendship between the development of also underlined that it is very important for them İdaom Mohamed said, \"This would also desire to be a platform for the solution of problems faced by the city. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality snacky We are seeking all the friendships As the saying . \"The Vice President of the Metropolitan Area of Photo Barcelona Jordi is Portebell I Calvete Medcities much perfected unity , stating that platform , \"Last year we worked very intensively and to be unity we provide . And so medcities was opened to other cities . Currently 26 cities joined our network , towards joining more than 11 cities . And we have created a strategy to participate in our other Mediterranean cities . Madcities have web pages and information exchange can be made. New organizational arrangements and we aim to further develop the political Low weight, of the network. We also would like to cooperate with local authorities for development . Thanks to the cooperation between the city are able to develop sustainable urban strategies . And of course , we will need to finance flagship to determine whether these new projects. Thanks medcities network through medcities able to contribute to peace and prosperity in the Mediterranean , \"he said .
MEDITERRANEAN CITY UNION ( MEDCITIES ) WHAT? Photo MEDCITIES ( Mediterranean Cities Association ) , the Mediterranean coast to create a network between cities which , by drawing attention to urban environmental problems in the Mediterranean to find solutions to this problem and in 1990 in order to work on sustainable development, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, European Commission, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) established by the Mediterranean Technical Assistance the Program (METAP ) initiative in November 1991 in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain . Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was a member of the medcities in 2006. Izmir is also selected as the medcıtıes board members passed the first Turkish record in the city.


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