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  • 23 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 09:41

Movie charred burned to

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Ayhan stunt work in Hollywood making movies Yıkgeç and his team are preparing a new film in Izmir .

İzmir news: Famous stunt Yıkgeç the \"Yıkgeç Action Team\"named team of his rehearsals the breath-taking .
So far, numerous domestic and foreign productions in the audience the famous stunt Ayhan Yıkgeç , the team will act as the \"High Grade\"his movie in Izmir prepared. In Turkey, in a professional sense stunt that no artists Ayhan Yıkgeç , he founded the \"Yıkgeç Action Team \"and action movies wanted was one of the .
\"High Grade\"called the film's rehearsals for the self-sizzling Cihan Virgo, this kind of scene accustomed to that he said. This scene professionally say they are doing Virgo, \"These films before we rehearsals anyway. Especially burning issues in Turkey this job one we are doing. Worldwide rarely a few people doing them ,\"he said .
\" Do not you dare let \"
many action scenes of the items name, Şerafettin Ant new shot , the film is a beautiful action film will be highlighting said:\"Nice will be a film . Fine action to sail will . these things in Turkey that does not exist. outside players would come , would do. , even when we try to do when we'disability becomes the model we use'they said. Car crash scenes are doing. 5th, 6th floor jump scenes are doing. prevention taking our're doing . Everybody better listen up. do not try this attempt to let . too serious we are doing business . \"
their action-packed scenes of domestic and foreign construction became indispensable for voicing the famous stunt Ayhan Yıkgeç the \"start shooting, 1 month before some action scenes we need to work . Because they will not have time to work on the stage . With almost 120 minutes of movie action passes. The film will be a high degree of name . We're doing Bonzai issues . Jean Claude Van Damme Hollywood expect . We're doing all the dangerous scenes in the film . That's what they're doing around the world . The most dangerous scenes , they leave us . Because here's the real players not exercise , \"he said .
Action-packed film's reality not search for proofs by neighborhood residents was watched .
VAN DAMME take part in
Shooting in Turkey which will be held \"High Grade\"a film by young people waiting \"Bonzai \"risk issues will get . Hollywood star Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a role is expected to shooting this end of the year will begin . every scene full of action , which will be in the movie \"Yıkgeç Action Team\"also Ayhan Yıkgeç Betty Yıkgeç Şerafettin Ant and Jahan Ali Ünal will take part in Virgo .

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