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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:00

New Health Station Unveiled

New Health Station Unveiled
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Gökçal in the village in the center of Canakkale , 112 and UMK station into service.

Çanakkale news: In Turkey, No. station , one of the centers of a possible natural disaster or loss situations and neighboring villages in the health care services that will enable faster movement .
A possible natural disasters in Çanakkale-Izmir environment with the property stationed on the highway to move faster patients in the villages can be reached in less time . A recently completed renovation of the center's opening , the Provincial Health Director Namik Kubat, the AK Party Member of Provincial Assembly Horizons Unver , was made by the AK Party Central District Chairman Adnan Scouts. After a speech AK Party Provincial Councillor of the opening Ahmet Çiçek said, \"This station came up with the demands of our environment the village headman . In this village where the elderly population is concentrated , is to come from Canakkale ambulance totaled an average of 10 minutes. We needed negotiations to reduce it to the maximum level the results have made and it was beautiful station building . I would like to thank all employees , including our principal cities especially those who contributed to the project. I hope to be auspicious auspicious nation Vatan \"he said.

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