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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:48

Praise for Talent Management, Aydınspor 1923

Praise for Talent Management, Aydınspor 1923
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Spor Toto 2.Lig White Group Aydınspor 1923 Horizons Gezeroğl from the team's sports director , congratulated the players on the team because of their performance .

Aydın news:
New Malatyaspor with the Aydınspor continued preparations for the match play over 1923 morale . Black-and-white team sports director Gezeroğl the horizon , he stated that the situation of the senior team . Gezeroğl indicating the purification çıkacakl to win against Malatya , \"we believe that we will win this game with the support of Aydınlı full . Our team , we want to get farkında.3 score the severity of each player business . 8 days New Malatyaspor will face Hacettepe and Fethiyespor . Go to the summit we get 7 points in this three-game period go we will speak more clearly , \"he said .
SIRAT we KÖPRÜSÜND Gezeroğl stating that they found in the middle exactly score a Photo League, \"Talent our all had an incredible fight in the last 8 matches . our team now sat . ahead 3 winning streak Sirat has bridge. this bridge we want our faith to the past , if everything would be better with the points exactly , \"he said . Gezeroğl explaining that they were extremely satisfied with the struggle of a Photo Footballer \"extremely characterful although we do transfers in recent days the players we've transferred. our captain Mehmet Buy and Mustafa Sen until our youngest players from all'men like men'. they think team before them, \"he said .

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