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  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:45

Recycling Project from Edremit Municipality

Recycling Project from Edremit Municipality
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Van Edremit Municipality,'spent Recycling Project to life.

Van news: Van Edremit Municipality,'spent Recycling Project to life. Photo signatory to several studies with ecological sensitivity municipal council , Recycling of solid waste is now preparing for the re-use of materials consumed Project was implemented . Project paper, including official institutions primarily for the recycling of plastic and metal materials and recycling of all private citizens what they consume , leaving the field open to the public recycling bins will be provided.'Ecology for recycling'and'cuddle nature for our future ,'the slogan of nature are written in encouraging recycling and available to the public on a single assembly of three separate recycle bin. Edremit Municipality is located in the respective descriptions by Subject Co-chairman Abdulkarim Sayan, of a more livable city and ecological value every time in order to fold relive those destroyed by a municipality understanding are mindful said they prepare such a project. Photo Edremit Municipality Co-President Sevil Rojbin Çetin ; the consumption , recycling of solid waste in order to reuse the crucial destroyed , he said . This approach always attracts attention would protect Edremit green and blue with ecological municipality sensitivity Cetin, together with the recycling of solid waste for the recycling of household waste also gave the information that they prepare the project. Photo Edremit Municipality co-chairman Sevil Rojbin Cetin and Abdulkarim Sayan, municipalities Edremit in centers with their technical staff and managers is quite dense wooded areas and made ​​observations in the Old and New Mosque neighborhood. All requests directed to the expansion of the neighborhood was a wooded area with narrow roads in some places while ; They noted that the co-chairpersons of providing more convenient transportation by closing the open drainage channel over which the road in question. Photo

Recycling Project from Edremit Municipality" comments for.


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