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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 23:20

Start Bitlis Presentation Days in Ankara

Start Bitlis Presentation Days in Ankara
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Tatvan district of Bitlis Ankara Atatürk Cultural Center held the second time this year \"in Bitlis demo days \"is promoted in all aspects.

Bitlis news: It was inaugurated in open days will continue until November 16, 2014 the day.
Tatvan District, Tatvan Municipality, Tatvan Chamber of Commerce , Tatvan Tradesmen and Craftsmen with Tatvan Chamber of Agriculture and scope days publicity given the support of NGOs in Ankara for 4 days'in Tatvan , which will accommodate guests in the ETCs , the stand also supported with visual will promote both the district will share the starved country get a little bit of guests from both . speaking about the
done promotional days Tatvan Governor Murat Erkan, the team's days prior presentation also November 13 to 16 as in the days of the date of the presentation will be held between Tatvan best way said they would introduce all aspects. 4 days Tatvan every aspect will move to Ankara and Tatvan the best way Governor Erkan that they would introduce in Ankara yesterday's Tatvan for the promotion of days and said they prepared three books that take place today . Tatvan as Tatvan in promotional days they participated in earlier in the best way that Erkan said that they introduce , Ankara Cultural Center of the experience gained from the previous promotion days ( TSS ) during the presentation of the second time this year in Tatvan in the best possible way in every aspect they believe they promote expressed was
Tatvan kitchen in Ankara , history , culture, tourism , and other values ​​that are most important not limited to introduce Tatvan people they introduce save Erkan , \"Introduction occasion for promoting our county , our ultimate goal , our district is to introduce the people. We do managed our time more already come spontaneously . I represent as in Ankara team and I believe we will fulfill the best way to our goal, which is promotion. through the introduction we do here in the soon return of this we have seen all living together. Everyone is invited to our booth introduction in ETCs we are , \"he said . the
Tatvan Mayor Fattah Al, stating it will contribute to the county in every sense of the promotional campaigns , through the Tatvan promotional attacks district plus said they aim to provide returns . last 4 days at a Photo ETCs which promotion days would launch a full attack President noted Fattah Al-promotion , with an emphasis on the importance of publicity, \"our district is one of the rare eastern districts. However, we will be known by the people in this area do not you just be able to promote beauty . However, we make the introduction to the whole world knew the best way and you will have seen this beauty. Of course they will be back in our district as a plus. Both known and unknown in our county we need all we are on to promote the beauty and value of the team at AKM Ankara . I hope we will introduce more of our county with our friends and so we also made ​​more investments in our district and the business field have led to the opening . For this purpose very well be the way we would like to thank everyone who lent their support from us . I hope this introduction days of will eventually win Tatvan, Tatvan be human , \"he said . If the citizens visiting the Tatvan stand at a Photo AKM took both get a little bit of both homesickness gone from local products brought from the district .

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