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  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:29

The train came to Sivas Cumhuriyet Education

The train came to Sivas Cumhuriyet Education
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Tekden prepared by the College and the establishment of 91'inc anniversary activities, the road to the Republican Study from Kayseri Train came to Sivas Cumhuriyet .

Sivas news: Tekden prepared by the College and the establishment of 91'inc anniversary activities, the road to the Republican Study from Kayseri Train came to Sivas Cumhuriyet . Photo of Sivas Railway Station , the College's 200 students selected as the school Tekden brother found that the Republic of Rumi met Train Secondary School Education . Welcome to the disciples came after Atatürk Congress and Ethnography Museum garden program organized here . After starting the program in the silence and the National Anthem played , students read as a representation of the Sivas Congress . Sivas Governor Alim Barut , Kayseri Governor Orhan properly , Yozgat Governor Abdulkadir Printer , Sivas Mayor Sami Aydın , Cumhuriyet University President posed for a souvenir photo Visiting students Faruk thing is big .
Located Governor Scholars in statements to the program after the press gunpowder, \"to arrive in Sivas Republic Day train is a different meaning . Because of the Republic was thrown by the underlying next Great Leader Atatürk in the building we are in. so young faces are coming from school in Kayseri each year are being hosted by our school and their Republic , especially September 4th Congress of Sivas's history is being said. I believe that comes from a situation occurs very nice memories to be proud of the children throughout the happening life , \"he said . the proper Orhan Photo Kayseri Governor , \"Sivas and I am pleased to be here in this brotherhood bridge between Kayseri . Tekden schools realizes his seventh this year . every year, fifth grade students , an important cornerstone of our recent history, they travel by train every year to inform about Sivas Sivas Congress building and historical heritage. Our students and a nice train trip performing , as well in Sivas first congress building , including occurred in which the historical places historical events of the book , they Hifzi in a nice way by listening to their teachers , \"he said . Photo Tekden College General Director İbrahim Orhan \"We realize the seventh of the Republic train as Tekden college education . Maulana Republic of understanding our sister school, middle school , do not tell , we live our life and activities of our students. Republic where we hope to make our journey almost 91 years ago . Our students our This activity will comprehend the best way the meaning of the Republic and in Sivas , Sivas's historical sites sightseeing time there, our parents went to our Kayseri , friends, they'll tell their brothers and sisters , \"he said. Photo Mevlana Middle School Director Nadu Aksoy \"October 29 they are also covered by our province to visit the Republic of Republic Day Train. We met in junior high school as Mevlana . Sivas is deciding what they want them to visit the establishment of the Republic of us have stated that we will gladly welcome them explicitly , \"he said .

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