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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:48

Uysal, asked for support from the public for Forest

Uysal, asked for support from the public for Forest
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Mayor Umit Muratpasa Uysal, who asked to be discarded and neglected condition of Antalya Lara allocated to municipalities for the wooded area.

Antalya news:
President Uysal, the request allocation made ​​to the Tourism Ministry asked for support from the public to apply for Lara of the discarded and found squalid 868 thousand 625 square meters of forest land aimed only be able to use as a daily promenade area of living in Antalya not Muratpaşa Muratpaşa Municipality , allocation has requested .
Muratpaşa living in the attention the presence of any woodland or countryside picnic area that can be used as a picnic and recreation areas Kepez Mayor Umit Uysal, \"Our citizens living in Muratpaşa, Konyaaltı the Municipality of Kepez Municipality in Çakırlar Region'depending on what the Ministry of Forestry allocated in or Döşemealtı area called kepez Park Municipality of the dependent Nebiler position again in the Ministry of Forestry allocated picnic and recreation areas in the region are forced to go , crossing the road 20-30 miles , \"he said .
President Uysal, with an emphasis on failure to meet the requirements of that is coming to town for a specified picnic and recreation areas away as well as the center should be 1 million to overcome and climatic conditions of the population of the many visitors to 12 months, \"Muratpaşamız we made efforts to overcome this shortcoming . Lara area located approximately 868 thousand 625 square meters of forest area of natural sites organized in a way that will not harm the area of ​​picnics, recreation , our daily use of space in the form of official direction for the use of our people by providing the allocation of our municipality request has been forwarded to the Ministry of Tourism as of today. All natural and legal persons of local government units in Antalya, I invite you to support us in this effort , \"he said.
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Uysal, asked for support from the public for Forest" comments for.


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